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Words of Affirmation from Government House

I was delighted to receive a phone call from Mrs Lan Le, wife of His Excellency the Governor of South Australia. She was keen to express the Governor’s appreciation of everything that Baptist Care SA has been doing to support vulnerable people through the COVID-19 Crisis.


Mrs Le, who described herself as “a concerned citizen of the great state of South Australia” commented that Baptist Care SA was doing a fantastic job. She highlighted the enduring work of the WestCare Centre with Aboriginal and vulnerable people who are sleeping rough around the city. She spoke glowingly about the Community Food Hub in Wright Street and was delighted to hear that Baptist Care SA had taken the initiative to re-purpose the Mylor Adventure Camp during the pandemic to provide culturally safe accommodation for 50-60 Anangu women and children who have enjoyed cooking kangaroo tails on the open fire and sharing stories with their children in traditional language.


She said she and the Governor were delighted to hear that over 300 people who had formerly been ‘sleeping rough’ around Adelaide had been provided with the safety of hotel/motel accommodation over the last two months as a result of a bold, nation-leading Emergency Accommodation Response that was compassionately resourced via the SA Housing Authority. She was especially excited to hear that 78% of those people now have access to professional case management provided by Baptist Care SA and other collaborating inner city agencies.


Reflecting upon her own professional experience in social work, Mrs Le commented thatIt takes time for people who have been living on the streets, often with high and complex needs, to get their lives back on track. She also noted that “Our society needs to “not make things too difficult for them and to be flexible or it won’t work”.


Mrs Le concluded by saying that “The Governor and I want to extend a sincere thank you and best wishes to all the staff and volunteers of Baptist Care SA. Please take care and stay safe as you continue with your critical community building work”.


I trust that all of you will feel warmly affirmed in your work by these words of encouragement from Government House.


I encourage all staff take a moment to sit back, smile and humbly reflect upon the vital role that you and your team mates have been playing in keeping vulnerable children, young people and adults safe across South Australia.


Blessing to you all!


Graham Brown

Chief Executive Officer

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